Sunbed Tanning

Tan your skin to bronzed perfection with our state of the art indoor tanning systems. We have a full range of equipment, from relaxing 20-minute beds to quick-bronzing 10-minute beds. Save big with a membership and tan as often as you want, or buy one session at a time- our experienced and certified tanning technicians will help you choose the plan that's right for you.









Unlimited Tanning in

Entry Level Beds



Access to our

10 minute (north) &

20 minute (south) Basic Beds



Upgrade to bed levels 2-4 for half-price!

High Pressure-

$19 (reg. $38)

Extreme Performance-

$10 (reg.  $19)

High Performance-

$9 (reg. $18)

Unlimited Tanning in

ALL Beds



Enjoy access to all

four levels of beds,

including our Matrix High Pressure Bronzing bed

(reg. $38/session)

Unlimited Tanning in All Beds AND

UV-Free Tanning

in our VersaSpa


Access to all four levels of tanning beds plus all four shades (glow, light, medium & dark) of our VersaSpa Pro Sunless Tanning Systems

  • All memberships require a one-time $25 start up fee.

  • 6-Month minimum, e.b.t. only

  • Price does not include tax

  • You may freeze or cancel your membership after 6-months with a 30-day written notice (including restart/cancel dates). Memberships can be held for a maximum of 6-months.

We also offer:

High Performance Membership- $62.99/month

Extreme Performance Membership- $72.99/month

Platinum Plan- 365 Days of Entry Level Tanning for $250


Entry Level Beds - LEVEL I

Single Session    $9

 5 Sessions           $40

10 Sessions         $70

High Performance Beds - LEVEL II

Single Session    $17

 5 Sessions           $85 

10 Sessions          $150

Extreme Performance Beds - LEVEL III

Single Session    $20

 5 Sessions           $95

10 Sessions          $175

Matrix High Pressure Bed - LEVEL IV

Single Session    $38

 5 Sessions           $160

10 Sessions          $295

Minutes & Month Unlimited Packages

180 Entry Level Minutes

(20 Minute Beds South & Valley)


100 Entry Level Minutes

(10 Minute Beds at our North location)

120 High Performance Minutes

(15 minute beds)

One Month Unlimited Entry Level

(10/20 minute beds)

One Month Unlimited High Performance

(15 minute beds)

One Month Unlimited, Extreme Performance

(7 /10 Minute bed w/facials or the Standup)

One Month Unlimited All Beds

One Month Unlimited All Beds + VersaSpa Pro

















Monday - Friday 8am-8pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 11am-5pm

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