Experience our wide selection of indoor tanning systems, created for all needs and skin types. We have a full range of equipment, from relaxing 20-minute beds to quick-bronzing 10-minute beds. Save big with a membership and tan as often as you want, or buy one session at a time- our experienced and certified tanning technicians will help you choose the plan that's right for you.









Unlimited Tanning in

Entry Level Beds



Access to our

10 minute (north) &

20 minute (south) Basic Beds



Upgrade to bed levels 2-4 for half-price!

High Pressure-

$19 (reg. $38)

Extreme Performance-

$10 (reg.  $19)

High Performance-

$9 (reg. $18)

Unlimited Tanning in

ALL Beds, AND RLT & Cocoon Wellness Pro


Enjoy access to all

four levels of beds,

including our Matrix High Pressure Bronzing bed, as well as Red Light Therapy and our NEW Cocoon Wellness Pro

Unlimited Tanning in All Beds AND

UV-Free Tanning

in our VersaSpa


Access to all four levels of tanning beds plus all four shades (glow, light, medium & dark) of our VersaSpa Pro Sunless Tanning Systems

  • All memberships require a one-time $25 start up fee.

  • 6-Month minimum, e.b.t. only

  • Price does not include tax

  • You may freeze or cancel your membership after 6-months with a 30-day written notice (including restart/cancel dates). Memberships can be held for a maximum of 6-months.

We also offer:

High Performance Membership- $62.99/month

Extreme Performance Membership- $72.99/month

Silver Plan- Unlimited Tanning in ALL beds $79.99/month

Platinum Plan- 365 Days of Entry Level Tanning for $250


Entry Level Beds - LEVEL I

Single Session    $9

 5 Sessions           $40

10 Sessions         $70

High Performance Beds - LEVEL II

Single Session    $17

 5 Sessions           $85 

10 Sessions          $150

Extreme Performance Beds - LEVEL III

Single Session    $20

 5 Sessions           $95

10 Sessions          $175

Matrix High Pressure Bed - LEVEL IV

Single Session    $38

 5 Sessions           $160

10 Sessions          $295

Minutes & Month Unlimited Packages

180 Entry Level Minutes

(20 Minute Beds South & Valley)


100 Entry Level Minutes

(10 Minute Beds at our North location)

120 High Performance Minutes

(15 minute beds)

One Month Unlimited Entry Level

(10/20 minute beds)

One Month Unlimited High Performance

(15 minute beds)

One Month Unlimited, Extreme Performance

(7 /10 Minute bed w/facials or the Standup)

One Month Unlimited All Beds

One Month Unlimited All Beds + VersaSpa Pro