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Red Light Therapy

Relax while this calming 20-minute treatment rejuvenates your body with soft red light. Promote collagen production, reduce wrinkles, fine lines, scars and age spots, repair sun-damaged, swollen or blemished skin, restore skin's natural cellular activity, and activate blood flow to keep skin renewed and firm. These are just a few of the benefits of RLT!

Now available at all 3 locations!

Red Light or Wellness Pod

Packages & Pricing

1 Session - $35

5 Sessions - $160

10 Sessions - $290

 10 sessions in 31 Days - $120.00

10 Per Month for a Year - $900

Our Diamond Shine Experience

Access to all tanning beds, red light & wellness cocoon

Diamond Shine 6-month Membership- $135 per mth

Diamond Shine 12-month Membership - $120 per mth


No Sign-Up Fees, 6-month minimum, EBT, call or come in for details.

Enhance your results with RedLight-ST products, which are specially formulated to provide advanced therapeutic benefits for vibrant, healthy skin.


Available at

South & Valley Sunny Buns

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