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Wellness Pro Pod

Combining Thermal Active Energy, Full-Body Massage, Isometric Fitness and Aromatherapy in a sleek, streamlined pod, the Cocoon Wellness Pro creates the ultimate total body wellness experience. The Cocoon Wellness Pro offers a revitalizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the mind, body and spirit. The cushioned, full-body, dual-wave massage system is ergonomically situated within an enclosed pod of thermal active energy; created in part by the heating of the Tourmaline, Jade and Germanium stones that line the pod’s inner walls. When energized, the stones emit radiant wavelengths which contribute to the effectiveness of the dry heat, sauna-like atmosphere within the pod. It feels like you are floating on a cloud of energized air.

Cocoon Wellness Pro Pricing 

  1 Session  - $ 35

5 Sessions - $160

10 sessions - $290

Buy more, save more.

Sessions never expire!

    10 sessions in 31 Days  - $120.00    

One Year Unlimited - $900

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